Humans are emotional creatures and most of the time, we cannot control our emotions when we feel sad or happy.

However, we can train our mind to think good thoughts.

When we control what we think, we can control what we feel.

  1. Think with the end in mind
    – Amidst the busy work schedule, we may be overwhelmed by the endless number of things that we need to accomplish.
    – If we do not know where we are going, we would probably not get there.
    – It is important to start with knowing what we want to accomplish, then we work out the various ways to which we can accomplish it.
  2. Exercise
    – Exercising helps to keep us healthy and detox mentally at the same time.
    – When we exercise, our bodies will release positive chemicals called endorphin which reduceĀ our perception of pain.
  3. Situation + Respond= Result
    – When we feel bad because someone is shouting at us or a colleague is being very irritating, know that the outcome of how we will feel for the day entirely depends on how we respond to it.
    – If we think of all the negative thoughts because of a certain bad situation, we will feel sad.
    – However, if we think of all the positive thoughts Ā and know that our colleague or friend’s behavior is more of a reflection of who they are as opposed to who we are, trust me, we will feel much happier.
  4. Worrying is a waste of time
    -One of my favorite quotes is, “Our job is not to see what lies dimly ahead but to do what is clearly at hand.”
    – When we are in a bad situation, ask our self if it is something we can control. If it is not, worrying about it will not get us anywhere. The best thing we can do now is to focus on improving the situation to the best we can and do not think too much about the future.
    -When we take care of the present, the future will take care of itself.

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