The seven steps for starting a conversation at a party

  1. Give a sincere smile and say Hello
  2. Provide a short introduction of who you are and give a firm handshake
  3. Listen closely to the person’s name
    – Ask them to repeat it if you did not hear it clearly the first time
  4. Start the conversation with a common ground which would most probably be the host
    – Talk about how both of you got to know the host and how nice he is to have invited the both of you to this party
  5. Follow up with a neutral topic like their interest and career
    -Refrain from sensitive topics like religious beliefs
  6. Offer to get a drink or some food for the person
    – If the conversation continues, you can delve deeper into his or her hobbies
  7. Be a good listener
    – People are naturally attracted to people who are able to listen well and gives interesting pointers to keep the conversation going

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